3D Layers - Kraken Attack

• Create a storyboard and have the same first frame be the last.
• Showcase 3D layers feature in After Effects.
• Animate tehe characters.

This project is an animated short featuring a little story of wandering pirates.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to use the 3D feature in After Effects to showcase it.

Main Animated frame
Main Animated frame


I started making the storyboard for the project. It starts of with the sun shining down and then the camera pans out to show the world. The boat makes a sudden stop, and wondering why it stopped, the next frame gives the answer.

After the board is done, I begin planning out the style for this project.
Two styles were explored, and I ended up with the one based on Disney’s Moana song “You’re welcome.”

Edits being made in After Effects
Final Product

After all the planning is done, I start creating all the assets in Clip Studio. This were the waves, the background, the sun, the boat, and the kraken itself.

This animation had two styles of animation to it, the kraken and the fish were animated using Toon Boom, animated in 3s to bring that comic paper style feel to it.

Final Product

The other animation involved the use of puppat tool, the boat the waves and the sun were all with the puppet. This is to give the feel of motion to it. And with the 3D feature, the waves all were placed in their respective axis.

With the use of lights, cameras, and having each wave in their respective layer, the trick of depth is achieved so beware sailing around the coconut island... they say there’s a Kraken lurking by...

Edits being made in After Effects

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