The Kind Man and his Money

• Create a storyboard.
- Explore style Frames.
• Create an animatic to follow.
• Animate a 30 second minimum video.

This project is an animated short featuring bouncy blocky characters animated in After Effects. It showcases my work with Shape Layers.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to animate the 30 second video and succesfully captivate viewers to understand the short story.

Main Animated frame
Main Animated frame

I started by creating the storyboard, it uses few camera actions as the main goal of this short is the people's animation while a voice narrates behind. This short story was found in google, credits are there for the writer.

After the storyboard is done, it is time to bring it all together to an animatic and get the timing and pacing right. I recorded an audio of myself to narrate the situation. I tried my best to voice act male characters so please spare me haha!

Final Product

When the storyboard is finished, it is time to get a feel of the animation, a glimpse, so style frames are made to determine which style is best suited for this story.
4 frames were made and with many suggestions from the art group. The top right was the most popular. Squarish people will be animated!
(styles explored using Clip Studio Paint.)

Now that the frame was chosen, it's time to create the assets. All of this assets were made in illustrator and exported to After Effects using Overlord. Overlord is such a neat tool, it prepares the layers as shape in After Effects saving a lot of time!

Edits being made in After Effects

Using animation principles, I begin with breakdowns. Checking the main poses of the action. In my storyboard I have the kind man counting his money, without any reference I had no clue how to animate this action. I ask my friend to do this action and I record, this helps a lot. Other references were taken for other actions as well.

Thanks to the animatic, having to time stuff was not needed and the animation process was a breeze taking as long as 6 hours to do. Hopefully you can now understand the kind man's message.
To understand the value of people

Edits being made in After Effects

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