FRidgy FOod Tracker App

Apps used

Got bored of making shopping lists?

I have always been thinking of how hard it is to keep track of things in the fridge; from expiration dates, obscured rotten food, depleted foodstuff, to then having to painstakingly create a list every single time… it can become quite cumbersome and tedious to say the least. 

Well, with this device and app management the process of maintaining your food supply becomes as effortless and pain free as you’ve always dreamed!


App proposal

Before anything, an idea and proposal was made to create this prototype. I wrote notes and added sketches to assist in visualizing my idea with added descriptions of the app, as well as focusing on the issues I aimed to resolve. 

After having that nailed down, some apps that are currently in the market are analyzed for reference and inspiration, while also keeping track of main competitors for Fridgy Food Tracker.

Various statistics for your average grocery shopper consumer were also looked into to get a stronger sense of how to best accommodate these individuals as they would be the main target audience.

Userflow and Wireframes

As a UX designer, the flow and experience of the user needs to be considered, with a userflow chart displaying the steps of the users of the Fridgy Food app. The chart provides the necessary information so the process is easier for the wireframe stage as shown. Low fidelity sketches are made followed by high fidelity ones.

Design system

As a designer, a Design System was made for this app. After finalizing the color palette, the goal of the overall feel of this app was simplicity; nothing complicated with easy to follow visuals as the main market demographic are baby boomers according to the research profile of grocery consumers by age.

Interaction Design Outline

Having the Design System set and the wireframes good to go, I proceed to add the user experience with the interaction design outline, covering in depth with a description of how the interaction would go.


The app outline makes the process smooth as butter! With all of the steps above, an animation prototype was made to showcase how the app would go through the steps mentioned. Check it out!

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